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About Ken

I've been a certified SCUBA diver since 1985 and currently have a Master Scuba Diver certification. I would love to get my Divemaster and then Instructor certifications. Unfortunately, my career as a software consultant travelling the country prevents me from committing the necessary time to a career as a diving professional.

Shortly after getting certified, I purchased my first underwater camera that consisted of a Kodak Disc camera in an Ikelite housing with an Ikelite Substrobe. After taking some time off from diving I purchased the Sealife DC1200 point-and-shoot (P&S) with a flash and video light. I was never really happy with the pictures that I was producing. In early 2014, my wife and I did a live-aboard in the Bahamas where several divers had DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera systems. This was my first real exposure to a DSLR rig for underwater use. Thanks to Steve, a guest on-board, I was shown that by upgrading to a DSLR it would greatly improve the quality of my pictures. Although the upgrade comes at a greater cost, it was a no-brainer that this was the way for me to go. Now I own a Nikon D7200, Aquatica housing, and dual Ikelite strobes. Check out the "The Rig" webpage for a complete equipment list.

I built this website to share my underwater pictures and videos with more than just my wife, family, and friends. Please enjoy watching me progress my photography techniques and skills on each new dive trip.

Solo Diver, 2014
Master SCUBA Diver, 2012
Rescue Diver, 2011
Advanced Open Water Diver, 1985
Open Water Diver, 1985

Pelagic Magic, 2016
Emergency Oxygen Provider, 2012
Digital Underwater Photo, 2011
Underwater Videographer, 2011
Manatee Diver, 2011
Enriched Air Diver, 2011
Equipment Specialist, 2011

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